Simpson Shotgun


Both sets have barrels constructed with shoe lumps, brass front sights on slightly concave solid raised matted ribs, marked "SIMSON, SUHL (THURINGEN)". Barrels are marked " SPEZIAL - GEWEHRLAUFSTAHL", and decorated with 1 - 1/2" triangles of scroll engraving on both barrels, with beaded edges on sides of barrel flats and breeches; relieved for sideclips. Barrel flats with German nitro proofs, 2/58 date code, appropriate "12" and "16" caliber designations, and matching 161710 serial numbers on lumps. Forearms, very slightly schnabeled tips, decorated with inlaid bone with in the form of oak laves and acorns. Fine skipline checkering with relief carved oak leaves towards tip; iron with Deely style release, lightly engraved; exterior iron with caliber designations of "12" and "16". Both interior irons with matching "161710" serial numbers and damascened metal. Greener crossbolt. Sideplated boxlock action adorned with engraving on the left side of a curious fox stumbling upon two rather surprised ducks who are taking off into a marshland, while right side has a well cut pointer alarming on a pair of pheasants, one already airborne. Bottom of action with a running hare. Negative space is embellished with scrollwork and hatch shading, gold inlaid gold wire borders. Hinge pin decorated with floral motif on screws and additional gold dots. Blued trigger with hatch shading and further scrollwork. Pistol grip stock with skipline checkered panels, relief carved oak leaves and acorns, and bone inlaid acorns and oak leaves en suite with forearm. Darkwood gripcap. Pancake cheekpiece with pair of inlaid pheasants in bone. heel and border of butt with further bone decorations en suite. Hard rubber buttplate with Suhl logo. Housed in a more recent vintage case by legend outfitters in black leather and grey interior partitioned for both barrels, stock, and spare compartment. Abercrombie and Fitch trade label in lid. CONDITION: Overall excellent, with some light evidence of field use. Barrels retain virtually all of their black with some very light handling marks, mostly where forearm makes contact. Coin finish has darkened to grey with crisp engraving, and some very small spots of staining. Stock has minimal handling marks; inlays have darkened somewhat. Action is tight. Bores are excellent, bright and shiny; mechanically fine. Case is good with some impressions from storage. EW/CP