Colt Ehgraved 3rd Gen


Third Generation Single Action Army revolver manufactured by Colt in 1979. The top of the barrel bears Colt's single line address, with the left side of the frame bearing patent information followed by the Rampant Colt logo. Metal components exhibit a lustrous deep blue finish, with the frame being mounted with 1-piece smooth pearl grips. Frame is finely engraved, featuring fine scrollwork acanthus scroll engraving that exhibits light crosshatch engraving on a finely stippled background. The right side of the frame, rear grip strap, as well as the bottom of the trigger guard each bear a single engraved star in the Nimschke style. Rear grip strap, barrel, and cylinder exhibit scroll engraving en suite, with the barrel featuring gold bands at the breech, as well as gold bands at the muzzle that terminate in a pleasing line design on either side. Cylinder exhibits 5 gold bands at the rear with additional gold bordering present along the edges of the flutes. Cylinder pin head exhibits a single gold band, with the hammer featuring a gold line border on either side. Bottom of ejector rod housing is engraved "F". Cylinder is matching via the last 4 digits of the serial number. Revolver is accompanied by a wood display box with blue velvet interior lining. CONDITION: Extremely fine, with metal components retaining virtually all of their blue finish overall, save for a few small handling marks that are present on the ejector rod housing. Mirror bore, exhibiting well[1]defined lands and grooves throughout. Pearl grip is excellent overall. Wood display case shows some very light external wear but is otherwise fine. An extremely attractive example of a finely engraved Third Generation Colt Single Action revolver.