Spanish Miquelet Blunderbuss Belt Pistol

Very Ornate Silver Mounted and Inlaid Left Hand Lock Spanish Miquelet Blunderbuss Belt Pistol

A very similar pair with right hand locks are featured on page 270 of "A History of Spanish Firearms" by Lavin from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lavin lists them as from Ripoll in the early 18th century, and the MET lists them c. 1750-1775. The blunderbuss style barrel is octagonal with a tapered muzzle section opening up to about 1 1/2 inches. The muzzle and breech end have molding. The length of the barrel is inlaid with silver and brass inlays in floral and animal patterns, including what look to be two beavers towards the muzzle. The breech end has a "crown/PA/CHE/CO" maker's mark, arrows, and floral marks. The miquelet lock is mounted on the left side, and the right side has a belt hook with pierced design at the tip. The stock is decorated with extensive silver inlays with pierced and engraved floral and hunting designs, including various animals, hunters on either side of the wrist, a double headed eagle on the underside of the forend, and a dragon along the "comb." The trigger guard and buttplate are cast silver. The trigger is a detailed bestial mask with a curved tongue and inlaid eyes. The ramrod has a retaining spring catch, a silver tip, and an iron worm.