Colt (Pair) Gold 2nd Gen by Jaeger (Sheriff’s Model)

Magnificent Cased Exhibition Quality
Jaeger Signed Custom Engraved and
Gold Inlaid Consecutively Serial
Numbered Pair of Colt Second
Generation Sheriff's Model Revolvers

Offered here is a pair of consecutively numbered Colt Sheriff's model revolvers which have been masterfully engraved by Kurt Jaeger in Mainz, Germany. Jaeger was a gunsmith prior to World War II in his father's shop in Suhl. During the war, he went and found work in the offices of a major company in the area due to the difficulties his family faced having a Jewish mother. He once again faced hardships following the war as Suhl was behind the Iron Curtain. To escape communism, he illegally immigrated to the West where he would eventually settle in Mainz and establish a shop which was frequented by American soldiers, local gunsmiths, and other engravers. During this time, he worked heavily on the guns owned by Americans stationed in Germany and Paul Jaeger rifles sent from the United States for embellishment. These revolvers feature near full coverage deep relief floral scroll engraving on a punch dot background. Surrounding this engraving is masterfully executed gold inlaid wire borders with swirls and intertwining lines. Both revolvers features a gold inlaid bison on the recoil shield, Native American bust on the loading gate, and cowboy on a horse racing through a barren desert at the top of the back strap. The barrels are marked "P.JAEGER INC. JENKINTOWN PA" on the right side. Both revolvers are fitted with carved grips featuring a bison on the left and right panel respectively. Included with the revolvers is a Huey case French fit for both revolvers as well as two screwdrivers, an oiler, a cleaning rod, brush, and container. Provenance: Steven V. Maksin Family Collection.